About Us

The Cricket Association of Thailand is a body that continuously aims to initiate cricket in new regions and local communities, to further develop cricket and enhance standards of cricket to meet and participate in higher levels of international cricket. CAT is a member of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and in 2005 achieved associate membership of the International Cricket Council (ICC). Further in the same year, CAT was given the association status after being included as a discipline under the Sports Authority of Thailand. CAT is composed of personnel ranging from administrators, coaches, and umpires with divided roles for each region. National level tournaments and players classifications follow the Sports Authority regulations while CAT collaborates with ACC and ICC for seminars, courses and international tournaments. CAT strives to Expand Cricket Build ITS Knowledge and Identity in The International cricketing Community. The Women Cricket took a Step Forward with an all Ethnic Thailand team participating in The inaugural ACC Women Cricket Tournament in Johor Bahru in 2007. Besides The Girls Inter-School competitions. the Women league tournament will further strengthen the structure of women cricket in Thailand.

Administration, Committee & Members